Where to Find Sunken Treasure

To locate sunken ships and read stories about lost treasures waiting to be found, check out the International Registry of Sunken Ships.   They have a database which currently includes 113,210 “wrecks” worldwide. 

While you have to pay a small fee for detailed reports relating to whichever state or country you’re interested in, there is a lot of free information too.  For example, if you click on the “Treasure Stories” link, you can read about a wide variety of treasures still waiting to be uncovered.

If you want a report that is strictly on treasure ships, be sure to let them know.  Otherwise you’ll get a complete list of sunken ships including fishing boats and cargo freighters.  On the other hand, you might find some unexpectedly-interesting items on these ships as well.

This video, made by the employees of the Bermuda Maritime Museum, is a must-see for treasure hunters.

Watch Sunken Ships at EncycloMedia.com


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